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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tips on Unborn Baby's Brain Stimulation

So it's positive ! confirmed !!!.. Congrats my dear, you'll be having an (or more than 1) angel  in 9 months to go. But don't wait until she's out, you can start from now to stimulate her brain development. Ok, let's move on.

Baby's brain start to form as early as 3rd week of pregnancy. Neuro-scientists have found that the "wiring" of the brain begin before birth. This is the path that drives the explosion of learning that occurs immediately after birth. We can optimize their potential by giving them right stimulation even before they were born.
  • Read, talk and sing to them - unborn babies can hear clearly at 20 weeks. Studies conclude, playing music to babies in early years help to bridge the connection between thoughts and information level. It will eventually stimulate the brain's alpha waves, creating a feeling of calm. Research also found that they can remember the music or song you play up to 1 year after birth. So play your favourite music regularly and sing to them, as your voice will calm the baby later. For Muslims, it is strongly recommended to recite 3 verses (surah) of Quran during your pregnancy. Surah Maryam, surah Yusof and surah Lukman.
  • Massage belly - respond to your baby's kick by pressing gently back.  
  • Chill and Be Happy - Yes, be happy or be in good mood always. Whatever your feeling is, it will affect directly to the baby inside. Too much stress never do any good for baby’s developing nervous system. 
So mommies please, please and please take good care of yourself during this period of time and enjoy your 40 weeks of beautiful moment with her .. ~ Cheers.

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