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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tips on Baby's Brain Stimulation

Ok, let's move on with baby's brain stimulation. Yes, I mean after birth right up to her early childhood.. :)

There are several environment stimulatory factors that play very important role to maximize baby's brain performance. Here I list down some of the factors as mentioned :-
  • Material environment - for example, select age-appropriate toys.
  • Social experience - which include personal contact, social interaction between the child and others and expression of affection.
  • Didactic experience - which is through explanations, demonstration or introduction to varying situation to the child.
You can also try to do this stimulation activity which help in cell connections and pathway that are essential for optimal brain functioning and performance.

For visual development
Babies cannot see well at birth but the control of vision is developing rapidly. In first few months, your baby's eye can only see object within 8-12 inches away but gradually achieve adult's vision at the age of 4.

What you can do
Nerves cell in young baby highly respond on red and white color. So use moving object and swing it slowly from side to side. What happen here is, her brain will gathers information about the light-dark contrast areas which will be coded in her nerve cell. This is critical process that lays a foundation for further intellectual development.

Visual stimulation can help to create connection between brain's nerve cell which in turn improve curiosity and attentiveness for longer span.

Source : Anmum Lacta

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