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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"

Subhanallah. God the Most Gracious !

When I look back, every single thing that happen to me (and us) has been well arranged by Him. No matter how detail we plan, but only He knows what works best for us. As for me, here all the "coincidence" that I can relate to my miracle journey.
  • When there was a rumors about my company moving to Cyberjaya, I don't feel good all. If I were to work there, my expenses on fuel and toll will be increased twice as much. Plus I don't think I can't cope with time spending on the road ( go, fro and office ) with total of 16 hours minimum  perday ! Excluding taking kids from babysitter and dinner. Yes, I worked in 12 hours day shift and I need to get my ass there at 8 am and finish my work around 8pm. You can do the math. It simply not worth it. So I had a thought to quit. ( I believe Allah has given me way )
  • Few days after we moved, I got to know that I'm again pregnant. Wow ! This another big factor. Base on my experience on last 2 pregnancies, I'll be having very bad morning sickness. And this time, it turns out to be worse until I need to have a drip. Plus I had a hard time traveling up and down with my conditions.
  • I always dream of working from home. I want to mold my children in my own way and see them grow up and be there with them. This is once in a lifetime event. I can't afford to miss it. And I think this is the right time. So I quit my job without further hesitation officially on October 2010.
  • One week before I got delivered, my other half need to be admitted to hospital due to health problem. So one week I was all alone with no one only my kids at home. But, with Allah's gracious, 1 day before my miracle baby was born, my mom came down to KL to attend engagement ceremony of my nephew. And that nite she stayed in my house. When I was rushed the hospital she was there to take care of my kids. Just imagine if the ceremony took place on other date, my mother for sure won't be here that nite. Subhanallah !
  • Although my hubby was not around, lucky my brother stays near by (another "coincidence" ). So I called him up and ask him to bring me to hospital when I was terribly in pain. 
  • The day that I gave birth, the same day my hubby underwent operation so he couldn't be here to look into the delivery matter. But my sister's annual leave application has been approved  to one week. So, at least there are people who help me out with all the things.. Big thanks to my sis and my mom !
  • As I mentioned before, my tiny girl was born normally without ceasarian. So I was up on speedy recovery. I can easily move and do simple house work. I know I can not be too weak just because I just gave birth. I need to be strong. I have kids that needs attention, husband to take care of ( he is also not well, remember) and house to look into. And with God's Gracious,  I feel fresh and energetic although just discharged from hospital. Subhanallah ! Only He is able to give me this strength. Alhamdulillah...
  • As a premature baby, she is susceptible to infection and virus as the internal organ is yet matured and need major attention. By quitting the job earlier, I will have all the time with her after this without worry to fill up annual leave form :) No wonder I had a thought to quit when my company move, Allah has a better plan for me. 
Don't you think it's a great well planned all together ? Subhanallah ..

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?" -Surah 55 - Al Rahman THE MOST GRACIOUS

p/s : mind you, my English may be not so good and tunggang langgang. so if you find it is not comprehensible, kindly ignore this entry .. ngeee..


  1. sujaihah, it is not coincidence anymore. It was planned by Him. Yes, He knows the best and only give the best for us and what we should get only.

    Saya pun almost quit my job masa baby lahir dulu. She was at nicu for 71 days, more than standard maternity leave, i couldnt apply for unpaid leave since i was on contract basis. Tp mujurlah dipermudahkan segalanya. Saya ambil extra leaves, then my mom and mom in laws dtg bergilir jaga. Pastu husband baru tukar tempat keje, kena induction 2 weeks kat perak. Pastu susahnya nak cari pengasuh yg sanggup jaga dia. Memang almost give up and nak quit tapi banyak2 doa dan akhirnya Allah bantu kami. Alhamdulillah she's doing just fine kat rumah pengasuh dan serasi sampai kini.

    Be happy dear. Allah berikan kita peluang ini supaya kita tak lupa Dia ada dekat sebenarnya dengan kita... :)

  2. hi Mirah..
    yes mmg dia dah arranged semua utk kita.. kadang2 kita terlepas pandang... terimakasih sebb sentiasa memberi semangat dan dorongan tanpa jemu.. *hug * hug

  3. Allah tahu setakat mana kita mampu tanggung segala dugaan.. And He arranges it so that we can have better life in the future.
    Moga baby miracle sihat dan ibu ceria2 selalu.

  4. betul tu kak Rozy.. terima kasih kerana sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan baby.. *hug *hug..