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Monday, August 23, 2010

What Diet ?

Yes, EV Diet. This diet is specially designed for those who dream of curvy dovey shape like Beyonce. It's risk no life and totally FOC. Wanna give a try ? Anyone ?

Just kidding hehehe .. this EV diet is actually for my daughter as advised by her pead (paediatrician). She actually suffer from 1 week of high fever and purging on and of. The first 3 days I brought her to GP (General Practitioner). But they just gave us some paracetamol and antibiotic. It doesn't show any good after couple of days. On the 5th day, we decided to bring her to Pantai Hospital. We insist to see specialist instead of GP. Thanks to doctor Mahinder Singh (Formerly Chief Paediatrician, Ministry of Health). Not that my girl cure instantly hehe .. But he run through checkup quite detail and explain it well. Well org dah berpengalaman lamakan hehe.. 

What cause of this ? there is some virus called EV (not sure full name) has infected her. Her intestine become reddish and very sensitive. So she need to consume a very basic and minimal food for 4 days in row. See below. Only 2 oz per feed. Pity her .. she look very tired and weak. 

Tomorrow is 4th day. And we got 2nd appointment. Please pray for my Little Rania :(

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