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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kad Raya

When was the last time you received kad raya ? I mean the real one not e-card, virtual card or online. I received one last 3 days. It changed my mood. I feel glad of course and touched. Doesn't matter who's the sender. Why ? with today's modern technology, I bet a lot of people prefer to send the online card. It easy, simple and fast.

I still remember those days, when Hari Raya is just around the corner, me and my friends will rush to this chinese shop to buy Raya Cards after school. We just scattered everything around, looking for a good one heheh... First in the list will go to teachers normally cost us around 20 cents each. Then to friends. We used to mesmerize with music card :D .. Open and close thousand times till the owner need to wrap it up :D But that one is normally for couples so we dont' really bothered. In school, we will exchange the card among us. For those who is more popular, will receive more cards. And basically the pantun is just all the same.. But still, we are happy indeed.

As time past by, I hardly received the card anymore. People nowadays tend to just send it online. But for me, those you send you the physical card, is actually dearly thought of you. It takes effort to buy, write, and post it. Not mention he has to put the stem (although it cost you only 50 cents). It thoughts that matter...

Pecah kaca
Pecah gelas
Sudah baca
Harap balas


  1. sori lmbt reply komen kamu. so buzy lately. jom2 kita tukar2 kad raya.

    alamat saya:

    UA2-5010, Kolej 9,
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
    81310 Skudai, Johor.

  2. jap, terlupa lak nk letak nama.

    nurul afiqah tahir.

    hee.. =)