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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Again Food ?

Today already 5th day of Ramadhan. Yesterday, I read a news about the strong wind in Malacca killed about 3 people in Bazaar Ramadhan. It's a sad story, isn't it. Allah is testing us. Salam takziah to all the family members. May their soul rest in peace. 

Guys, have you heard recent news about death punishment for those who dump/kill newborn ? Yeah, it's also a good news for me. It should've been done long time ago. Both 'parents' should responsible for their act. They just know the 'making' but throw the 'product' away for whatever reason they have in mind. I still can't accept this behavior. It's INHUMAN man! How can you kill such an innocent defenseless baby. They come with blessing and bring joy but  what did you do to her ?! Arghh I really hate this. 

OK enough said. enjoy the pic I taken yesterday.
Menu : 
-Nasi Ayam, 
-Murtabak Johor (this is special murtabak brought from Johor. It used to have a lot of minced beef with great taste. But yesterday one with chicken sliced, not too bad also ) 
-LaiChi Kang

p/s : oops sorry weii, camera out of battery .. grrr ! will upload shortly.

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  1. hoho sudah lame x bace surt khabar, taw fasal musibah kat mlk tu pon dari Fb ..

    maisarah jer like this entry